Should You Get Your Crayfish a Hideout?

should you get your crayfish a hideout

should you get your crayfish a hideoutShould you get your crayfish a hideout? Well absolutely. Let me explain.

Should You Get Your Crayfish a Hideout?

There are many reasons why you should get your crayfish a hideout. For one, when they molt they get very soft and weak. This makes them more susceptible to attacks from other crayfish (if you have them) and other fish. So protect your crayfish by getting him (or her) a hideout of some sort. Also, hideouts will help keep crayfish from fighting each other if you have multiple crayfish.—And of course, in general crayfish like some place to just hide out.

Reasons Why You Should Get You Crayfish a Hideout

  • Protection during molting
  • Keeping the peace when other crayfish are in the tank
  • Just because crayfish like to burrow

Of course you can buy your crayfish a hideout. These can cost $8, $20… whatever. However, you can build your own with PVC pipe, super glue and gravel. In short you cut the PVC pipe into small sections, apply super glue to the outside and roll the PVC in the gravel. Waa lah… I think that is how you say it.

In a Nutshell or Hideout Rather

Sorry, the title was a very lame joke. However, make sure you do have hideouts for your crayfish. Especially if you have multiple crayfish. I had to learn this lesson the hard way.

I had two crayfish, an electric blue crayfish and an albino crayfish. The albino was a bit bigger than the blue crayfish and definitely more aggressive. The problem was though, I had one hide out.

Crayfish are already territorial as it is. They are also cannibalistic. Uh oh…

On the day I finally decided to get my extra hideout for my crayfish, right when I walked through the door of my apartment coming from the pet store, I saw it. The albino was, well, eating my blue crayfish (see, “Crayfish was Eaten by Another Crayfish“). It was a bit disturbing watching the little guy get shredded right before my very eyes.

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