When Crayfish Fight: My Observations

When Crayfish Fight

when crayfish fightWhen I started off with my first electric blue crayfish, everything was great. Yeah, he liked to go after some of the fish and occasionally get one.—But heck, that is what he does. However, when I got my second crayfish, I had to learn firsthand about when crayfish fight.

If you own a crayfish, you of course know that crayfish can be aggressive. Heck, they are scavengers. They chase fish and claw at them all day until eventually they get lucky. So knowing this, it only makes sense that if you put another electric blue crayfish, or any other crayfish into your tank, you may get to see what it’s like when crayfish fight in person.—And that’s what happened to me.

Two is Company

Shortly after getting my first crayfish, I thought he was so cool that I needed another one—I did… and he needed a tank mate—And he did. So naturally, I bought him a friend. A pretty white crayfish who was a good bit bigger than my electric blue crayfish.

when crayfish fightWhen I first put them together, everything seemed fine. They were getting to know each other.—But then, the fighting began. (Here’s a short video of the craziness.)

Ironically, it was the little electric blue crayfish who was the bully. They would go at it claw to claw and the simply walk away. They never really tried to munch on each other (too much) or anything too bad like that.—But I did want to figure out a way or ways to at least cut back on the fighting so they didn’t kill each other—And below is what I observed.

When Crayfish Fight They May be Hungry

You know how you get ornery and irritable when you don’t eat? Well crayfish seem to be the same way. When you don’t feed the little critters, they start getting more restless and aggressive. This seems to be when crayfish fight the most. Also note, if you are putting feeder fish into your tank, this will definitely increase the chances of crayfish fights as they compete for them. So in short, keep your crayfish fed with sinking wafers if you don’t want them going claw to claw every 5 minutes.

Get Them Their Own Hideout

As you know, crayfish are very territorial. They like their space and they don’t like other crayfish, or anything else, coming in and trying to take over. So if you have two crayfish, get two hideouts. Something as cheap as a piece of PVC pipe will make a great hideout.—Or you can buy the fancy “sunken ship” motif or Easter Island like I have.

**Update** So my white crayfish attacked my blue crayfish the other day and well, he was eaten. I walked in right on the tail end of it. It was not pretty!**


  1. Nicly put dude you are correct as i have to blueys both identical apart from one has red stripe along outer claw edge, they both behave as you have commented, only drifference is they share a log no aggression

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