Electric Blue Crayfish Care

Electric Blue Crayfish Care

electric blue crayfish careElectric blue crayfish in my opinion are some of the prettiest and most fascinating crayfish around. Originally I bought mine strictly for its color. However, over time I have learned to appreciate the science of crayfish and watching them interact with other crayfish and fish in my fish tank. I’ve also learned the importance of proper electric blue crayfish care.

Questions about Electric Blue Crayfish Care?

If you are just starting out with your crayfish, then you are probably just like I was in the beginning, very excited. (Yeah, I get excited about crayfish.)

Other than being excited however, you may have some questions about electric blue crayfish care. I know that I did.

I wanted to make sure that I did all of the right things to keep my blue crayfish alive and healthy. So today I’m going to give you some information, tips and things I’ve learned from owning and caring for my electric blue crayfish.

Feeding Electric Blue Crayfish

electric blue crayfish careFeeding your crayfish is obviously one of the more important aspects of electric blue crayfish care. Because without feeding the little critters, well, they will die.

Crayfish are omnivores. They love to eat both fish (live or dead) and plants.

When feeding your electric blue crayfish, I suggest using sinking wafers and/or live fish. I do not suggest shrimp or goldfish though. Shrimp can carry disease and goldfish are just way too messy.

You should feed your blue crayfish one time a day or every other day. You may find though, that if you don’t feed them every day, they will become more aggressive in the tank. This means they will be more apt to go after fish (more than usual) and even fight with other crayfish. (Check out the video below. It’s from a day that my crayfish were a bit hungry and had already fought over a fish.)

Electric Blue Crayfish Care: The Tank

I suggest getting a tank no smaller than 10 gallons. You will want to put gravel in the tank, condition the water and cycle the water before putting your electric blue crayfish or any fish into the tank (see “How Do You Set Up a Crayfish Tank“).

You should also place a rock, “hideout” (You can buy one of these in any pet store or online.) or a piece of PVC pipe in the tank.

Electric blue crayfish love to burrow and have a place to hide out.—And hiding is an essential part of electric blue crayfish care because of molting. When blue crayfish molt, they become very soft and are susceptible to attacks from other crayfish and other fish even.

Water Temperature and pH

Another essential element of electric blue crayfish care is the water and the pH. The water temperature should be between 70 to 75 degrees.—And you want to make sure the pH is around 7. Which is neutral.

Sick and Dying Crayfish

If your crayfish start getting sick or start dying, it’s probably because the ammonia levels are too high. From the point that you first notice fish getting sick or dying, you need to immediately change 25% of your water (25% is a good place to start). Some people will say even more.

Water Changes: A Very Important Piece of Electric Blue Crayfish Care

You should change 25% of the water in your tank every two weeks. Remember, any time that you add new water into the tank, you need to add water conditioner to the new water before you put it in.

Again, if you are just getting started with your aquarium, you need to read about cycling your tank (article link above) before you add any fish to the tank.


electric blue crayfish careElectric Blue Crayfish are masters of escape. Sometimes I will notice mine climbing all the way to the top of an ornament and reaching towards my aquarium lid. They will also try and climb up my water pump and filter. Having said this, make sure that the top of your aquarium lid is on securely. (Oh look, one is trying to climb up the water pump as I type.)

Wuh Oh, Babies!

Electric blue crayfish care can sometimes involve dealing with crayfish babies (see “Breeding Crayfish from Home“).

When a female crayfish has babies, it involves the male crayfish placing a tiny ball of sperm underneath the belly of the female crayfish. The female crayfish will then pass her eggs through the sperm to fertilize the eggs.

As soon as you notice that you have a female crayfish that will be having babies, remove her and put her in a separate tank. (Obviously you will have to have a separate tank for a crayfish with eggs. It can be a smaller one like this one.

Once the crayfish hatch, leave them with the mama crayfish for about three days.—But as a part of electric blue crayfish care, you will want to remove them after three days. If you don’t, you may notice that the female crayfish starts to eat her babies. (I know. That’s bad.)

As the baby crayfish get larger, you will want to remove the bigger crayfish from the tank as well. This is because they too will eat the smaller crayfish.

Electric Blue Crayfish Care: Tank Mates

If you have an aquarium, you probably want more than just your electric blue crayfish.—No offense to the guy… or gal. However, the important thing is to find the right tank mates (see “Blue Crayfish Tank Mates“). You don’t want fish and crayfish battling it out all day and all night, it can end ugly… Trust me!

It works like this. If you place bottom feeders or slow moving fish into a fish tank with crayfish, they will become dinner at some point. Usually sooner rather than later.

electric blue crayfish careSo what you will want to do is to get fish that are fast moving and/or stay near the top of the tank.

Currently I have a red tail shark and a hatchet fish in my tank. Rosy red minnows and rainbow darters are also good tank mates for crayfish.

Also note, you don’t want to overload your tank with fish. This is because too many fish will overload your tank with waste.

Electric Blue Crayfish Care
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Electric Blue Crayfish Care
Blue crayfish are cool little critters, if you want them to live long and be healthy, you are going to know the essentials of electric blue crayfish care.
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  1. I have a question my filter system was not running for bat 14 hrs and I noticed my crayfish being really distressed he’s still hanging in but barely is there anything I need to do or is he not going to b ok????

  2. I have a question can a blue cray fish be a male and female …I go 1 crayfish in my tank and shes having babys

  3. Just killed my daughter’s blue in my established 37 gal. tank. We have mollies and tetras and a heater that keeps it around 78 degrees. Much cooler and we have ick. Warmer and Blue dies. Well, would have died. But did die. Should I replace?

  4. How long can a crayfish live?? I am fostering my brothers bc of his job and I want to keep it alive. Also, how often do they molt?

  5. Hello I have a electric blue crayfish that has molted twice this month. Once on the 13th and then again tonight the 25th is this normal? I’m just wondering because this is my first one.

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