Crayfish Was Eaten by Another Crayfish

when your crayfish eats another

crayfish was eaten by another crayfishYou’ll never guess what happened today, well yes you will. The title says it all. Yep, one of my crayfish was eaten by another crayfish.

I have, wait, had an electric blue crayfish and a white crayfish. I loved these little guys and I liked watching them do their thing everyday. You know, moving rocks, chasing fish, climbing up the ornaments in the tank.

My Crayfish Was Eaten by Another Crayfish: The Story

My blue crayfish was the first crayfish. After I got him, I quickly decided he needed a buddy.

I had been told that crayfish of the same species make good tank mates (see “Blue Crayfish Tank Mates“). So I thought, what the heck? I purchased the white crayfish and took him home—a friend for the little blue guy (Bully).

At first things seemed fine. Everyone was happy. Then one day, the little critters started raising their claws at each other. Nothing too bad. No worse than raising your fist at someone during road rage. Then one day they started actually fighting, as you can see in the video below.

You see, there was a nice cozy spot in a hideout on the left side of my tank, but they both wanted the cozy little spot on the right side of my tank. So the battle began.

In no time I decided I better switch up the hideout arrangement in the tank before someone was torn to pieces. I decided I’d go and get myself another, bigger, better hideout to add to the tank. So I did. Certainly this would solve the problem with all of the crayfish violence.

On the way home from the store, I was sure I had my solution.

I calmly opened the door to my apartment hoping to look over and see my two little critters doing neat little crayfish things—and that is when it happened!

I saw that my white crayfish had torn and was tearing my blue crayfish, Bully, in half. He was in the middle of actually eating my crayfish.

I froze at first, and then I removed the blue pieces of Bully from the tank. Needless to say, he could not be saved since he was in multiple pieces.

It was actually kind of traumatic having to see bits of blue inside my white crayfish. (That little jerk.)

Lucky for me though, the pet store owners worked out a deal since the white crayfish (murderer) was so new and so violent. I arrested him and took him in. The store then gave me a new blue crayfish (not Bully though) and a few new fish.

when crayfish fightI’ll never forget the day my crayfish was eaten by another crayfish—torn to shreds in front of my face.

Anyway, what I’ve since learn from this crayfish craziness is that you can have more than one crayfish if you keep your crays fed and if you have plenty of hideouts in your tank.

Currently I have an Easter Island statue, a piece of driftwood and two other pieces of wooden hideouts as you can see in the pic to the right.

My two crayfish occasionally cross paths and raise claws at each other, but for the most part they stay in their little section of the tank.


  1. Lol😂 Whoever wrote this… I love you! I mean the way you tell the story of your sweet friend. I to have a blue crayfish (gollum). He shares his tank with two big goldfish (chips and dinky). Today I was thinking I would be nice to get him a partner in crime. You know, someone who looks like him… I headed off to the aquarium store and there she was!! Big, bold,and beautiful! A nice big reddish crayfish with huge claws… Oh,baby!! Gollum’s in for a treat. Or so I thought. Not even an hour after rescuing this miserable mudget, she began to violently rip sweet Gollum’s beautiful blue claw off!! The nerve!! I grabbed my net and now this vicious lady is in ” time out” until the aquarium opens in the morning… Refund! 😂😂

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