Can Crayfish Get Out of a Tank

can a crayfish get out of a fishtank

can a crayfish get out of a tankI’ve always heard that crayfish were sneaky little creatures, escape artists—but can crayfish get out of a tank?

When I got my first electric blue crayfish, I thought he’d be just fine in my 10 gallon fish tank. I mean, how could this little dude crawl up the glass walls of a fish tank, open the lid and free himself? But if at first a crayfish does not succeed, that little thing will try over and over again and that’s just what he did (creep).

The first thing he did when I got him and put him in the tank was to test the glass walls of the tank. He’d try to crawl up the glass. Yeah, good luck with that one. He obviously made it nowhere with that strategy. Then he went on to the ornaments in the tank. He’d climb up those, get to the top and fall off. But he started getting smarter and smarter. I don’t know, maybe he was watching YouTube videos or something. He’d crawl up the ornaments, jump to the water filter and then fall off. This guy was making some serious progress.

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Finally, one day I was sitting at my desk and turned around and saw him on the water filter, again. But did I do anything, well no. Now, fast forward a few months. I’m on a work call from home. I’m walking around the house while on my call. I walked over to my fish tank to check on my blue crayfish and well, he wasn’t there. So I started searching my place looking everywhere for my cray—and there he was, outside of one of my closet doors, claws up, dead. The little guy had paid the ultimate price for achieving his dream of escaping the fish tank.

With my next blue crayfish I decided I’d be a little bit smarter about things. I arranged my tall ornaments away from my water filter. I also put some black duct tape over the partial opening of the lid that surrounded the water pump at the back of the fish tank. So far so good!

Can Crayfish Get Out of a Tank
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Can Crayfish Get Out of a Tank
Electric blue crayfish can make interesting little pets, but they can also climb out of your fish tank and disappear forever.
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