which fish tank is best

Which Fish Tank is Best?

Trying to Determine Which Fish Tank is Best for You? Which fish tank is best? I’ve heard that question several times before. Heck, I’ve asked myself that same question many times. However, when I hear that question, it leads me to other questions, important questions. They are listed below. What’s the Fish Tank For? First, […]

what is the best 20 gallon aquarium

What is the Best 20 Gallon Aquarium?

What is the best 20 gallon aquarium? Well everyone is going to have their personal preference. I’m sure. However, I’ve had the opportunity of owning three different aquariums. So here is my opinion. My first aquarium was a 10 gallon Aquarium from Aqueon. It was actually a great aquarium. However, because of a move, I […]

will crayfish eat my fish

Will Crayfish Eat My Fish?

The question shouldn’t be, “Will crayfish eat my fish?” The question should be, “What won’t my crayfish eat?” Crayfish are aggressive omnivores. They are opportunistic little guys. If they see a chance to snag something and eat it, they will. That means, yes, crayfish will eat the fish in your tank if given the opportunity. […]

Do Snails Help Clean Fish Tanks?

Do snails help clean fish tanks? They certainly do. Nerite snails can be great little helpers for eating the annoying algae that can make your fish tank look so ugly. These little guys will naturally seek out algae in your tank and eat it up for you. This goes for both the moss-like green beard variety […]

what can i feed my blue lobster

What Can I Feed My Blue Lobster

The Blue Lobster, also known scientifically as procambarus alleni, and in layman’s terms, as blue crayfish, blue Florida crayfish, electric blue crayfish and Everglades crayfish, are not real fussy eaters. While their origin is Florida, these scavengers are increasingly popular aquarium pets. Unfortunately, even pet store owners who do stock them are unaware of what […]